The Uninhabitable Earth – Very clear article  about what the median and higher warming projections of the IPCC under the Business as Usual scenario might mean. Buckle up, the first sentence reads “It is, I promise, worse than you think”. (July 10, 2017, New York Magazine ) 

Cumulative climate change hazards – Interactive map based on thousands of peer-reviewed studies about the projected impact of climate change in different parts of the world. (november 2018)

Carbonbrief – An interactive map with current and projected warming (IPCC) in about 69,000 regions in the world.

World Weather Attribution – These researchers attribute the climate change component in extreme weather events as they happen.

Climate scientist on their feelings – You’re not the only one having difficulty relating to climate change and the lack of action. On this website you can read how people relate to it.


Per country:

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(please let me know in the comment section what the authority on climate change is in your country, so we can add their website)

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