Persian gulf might become uninhabitable this century

Researchers of the Massuchusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) warn that if greenhouse gas emissions will not be curbed, large parts of the Persian Gulf could become uninhabitable at the end of this century. Once every decade heat waves might occur  in which the combination of temperature and humidity (the so-called “wet bulb temperature”) will exceed the equivalent of 35 degrees Celsius at 100% humidity. If such conditions are sustained for several hours they become fatal to the human body.

Extreme conditions such as these may lead to conflict and climate migration. Another study early 2018 points out that drought in Syria gave rise to more than one million domestic emigrants and how subsequently hopelessness in cities gave rise to an escalation of violence.

In the figure below two scenario’s of the IPPC, under which temperature in some areas of the Persian Gulf can reach 60 degrees Celsius at the end of the 21st century.

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